Fantastic New Harmonica Practice Aid.

HarpNinja: Your Harmonica Mojo Dojo – Now Available!

HarpNinja, a mobile & desktop music education application created to make learning the harmonica easy, fun and faster, has completed private beta testing and is now available to the general public.

HarpNinja, subtitled “Your Harmonica Mojo Dojo,” aims to supplement its users’ existing Harmonica curriculum with an exciting combination of interactive music theory training and real-time pitch recognition, allowing the users to see what they play as they play it, as well as engage in music games to learn specific songs, scales and riffs.

HarpNinja is not designed as a standalone harmonica course, but as a harmonica software application that will assist harmonica players using any course to accelerate their learning in a fun and easy way. On HarpNinja’s website , it states that the application is “meant to be used as a tool to speed your learning in addition to whatever learning program you choose to use.”

HarpNinja is divided into three sections: the Tuning Dojo, the Melody Dojo and the Circle Dojo. The Tuning Dojo features real-time pitch recognition, which allows the users to see the notes they are playing as well as hear them. This helps the players visualize the note layouts of different keys, tunings, scales and chords – one of the biggest challenges unique to harmonica students.

The Melody Dojo mode helps the player learn blues, country and folk songs, as well as scales and a variety of riffs. Using its real-time pitch recognition, the Melody Dojo turns learning harmonica music into an exciting game quite unlike many of the boring, repetitious methods used by students. The added element of seeing the song as well as hearing it adds another dimension, helping to lock the sounds into the player’s ear for faster memorization.

The Circle Dojo is an interactive Circle of Fifths, a quick and easy music theory calculator, perfect for those occasions when the user is not quite sure what position to play in. Simply step into the Circle Dojo and find the answer! The Circle Dojo also includes a chords mode. This is useful for more advanced students. The application not only informs the player about positions, but also about all the possible chords that can work in any mode or key, making it an indispensable tool for any harmonica player who composes songs or plays in a band.

There are many people who would like to learn harmonica, but think it is “too hard,” while many others have bought a harmonica, but put it away because the materials they used to learn were boring or confusing. There are still more who have a harmonica and are actively learning how to play it using one of the many excellent harmonica instruction websites or training packages. Harmonica players and wannabes alike will find that HarpNinja is a great resource that will allow them to learn quickly and easily and have a lot of fun in the process. Music education for the 21st century!

Pricing and Availability:
HarpNinja is only $19.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and is available for iPad, PC or OSX worldwide through the App Store or via the HarpNinja website.
For the first week only it is available at a special launch discount price of $14.99 USD.

Requirements: Please see System Requirements.

For more information & demonstration downloads, visit the HarpNinja website.


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