Teamviewer – Remote assistance tool and more

I have been using teamviewer for some time now. The main reason was for remote assistance for friends and family.

There are a number of options I’ve used in the past, VNC, Windows remote assistance and Chrome remote desktops. All have served a purpose but can take a while to setup, particularly it the remote user is not technical.

Teamviewer is remarkably easy to setup and even has a run only option at the client end so it leaves no footprint on the remote machine. It allows you to access the remote desktop and has built in chat and audio /video facilities opportunities.

It is also cross platform, there is really something quite surreal about operating a Windows PC on an Android phone, perhaps not the most practical of uses but proof of how powerful this application is.

Although I use it purely as a remote desktop assistance mode the application has fantastic facilities for on-line meetings.

If you haven’t tried it visit the Team viewer site and download a copy, please respect the license terms, the application is free for private non commercial use but a fee is payable for commercial use.

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