Five Pencil Method

The Five Pencil Method is a website providing both free and commercial training resources relating to pencil drawing.

The artist and illustrator Darrel Tank presents the training based on his own methodology. The core of the five pencil method is, not surprisingly five pencils. Darrel promotes the use of only five grades of pencil from the lightest 4H through 2H, HB, 2B to 4B. He also avoids the use of tortillions often used to spread graphite and produce contours and shading.

The underlying ethos has been to make drawing accessible to all without breaking the bank. The pencils, paper and other tools used in the course are easily sourced and the fact that you, as the student, are able to use the same materials as the teacher helps by making the experience as close to that of the teacher and makes the hints and tips provided throughout the instruction directly relevant to your own work.

There is an active user community to provide help and advice for all, from the absolute beginner to professional artists.

There are a range of courses available from the website store covering graphite and colour pencil drawings.

Darrel himself makes it clear that too many people are put off art by negative comments and critical snobbery. The emphasis is to enjoy what you are doing in a supportive atmosphere.

If you have ever thought about drawing as a hobby try the free lessons and you could be surprised at how much you can achieve.

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