Evernote = Google notebook plus more!

Evernote is a web application that is being beta tested at the moment.

Many of you will be familiar with Google Notebook which allows you to save notes and links to an on line notebook so that you can access them from any computer.

Evernote takes the concept a few steps further. It allows storing of pictures, sound, and text and indexes everything that you add. You can then access the notebook from a stand alone client, web browser or mobile phone.

You can even send items to your Evernote notebook by e-mail.

One nice thing is the text recognition in photographs. Evernote analyses the image and will index any recognisable words in the picture be they typed or handwritten.

At the moment participation the beta is by invitation from an existing user or by registering at Evernote.

I found that I got a response to my application via the site in less than 24 hours.

So far I have only been playing around with it for a day or so but so far it looks very impressive. Well worth trying if you have some time to spare.

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