Hello World

Sometimes you just need to scrap the whole thing and start again!

After struggling to revise the site and streamline something that has grown, relatively uncontrolled, for many years, I have decided to completely replace the site and the content.

Some of the items like the recommended freeware section will make the transfer but very little, if anything else, will survive the change.

The earlier site was as much about me playing with new tools and technology as it was about anything else.

Creating XHTML, CSS and using Content Management systems, web apps and the like was fun and the spin off from that was the writing of the e-book on computer security and the freeware section of the site.

The creation of a route for Microsoft Train Simulator also took the best part of the free time over a number of years. I dropped that some time ago and gradually I have found myself getting involved in a wider variety of activities, some which don’t even involve computers!

I think that this is what has prompted the fresh start to the site. My activities and interested have expanded and the structure of the old site just didn’t fit the new reality.

So what might be coming?

Technical items will still occur as I discover new freeware or open source apps that I think are useful. The new areas will include music, particularly blues, both in terms of listening and playing. Computer games will be there as will boy’s toys, I may be a recovering computaholic but I still need the toys 🙂

Watch over the next weeks and months as the site takes shape and please feel free to comment on anything you see or that you think deserves a mention.

I am not completely happy with the site design so that will be at the top of the list to get sorted, although I do not intend to get as involved in the nuts and bolts of the CSS and XHTML as in the past so some compromise will be required.

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One Response to Hello World

  1. Steven says:

    I see where your coming from.

    Looking forward to seeing what evolves over the next wee while with your site.

    Obviously Boy’s toys and computer games will be a hit and I do like a bit of Blues. So I’m sure it will turn out well.

    Good luck


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