Boss BR-600

I mentioned in the post on the MICRO BR that it was ideal for portability but perhaps not the best solution if you were creating a home studio. For the home studio setup the MICRO BR-600 might be the better option.


The face is slightly smaller than an A4 sheet of paper, unit height is about 35mm, battery or mains powered. The unit comes with a carry case so you still have a degree of portabilty, however I find it a bit more intuitive to use than the MICRO BR, particularly level setting, input selection and channel selection.

It comes with built in stereo mics which produce a good quality recording. You can, of course hook up your own mics to override the on board ones.

This unit gives you 8 track play back, with 8 virtual tracks for a total of 64 tracks. All the effects and rhythms are here plus the selection buttons on the right double up as a drum pad to create your own patterns.

Pitch correction is available, as is the ability to slow down tracks.

One thing I did find strange is that unlike the MICRO BR the 600 only supports wav/aiff format sound files but not mp3.

An extremely detailed User Manual is included which you will need to refer to as you start to use this piece of kit.

Overall I find working with the BR-600 a lot easier that the MICRO-BR although I would still opt for the MICRO BR if I was recording an event purely because, although the BR-600 has a good build quality I feel that the MICRO BR could handle rougher handling.

If I had to choose only one then it would be the BR-600 and I would take my chances using it in a live environment.

For more details on the BR-600 visit

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