Boss Micro BR

The Boss Micro Br is a recording studio in you pocket.

microbrThe unit is extremely compact and allows you to play back 4 tracks simultaneously. You can record up to 2 tracks simultaneously. Beyond that you have what is termed virtual tracks, each of the four tracks has 8 virtual tracks meaning a total of 32 tracks can be recorded. For example you can make multiple passes at adding a guitar solo. Record each attempt on a separate virtual track then choose the best when you are preparing the final mix. The MICROBR uses SD memory cards to record your music.

OK, so we have a really powerfull recording and mixing device but that is just the start. In addition to the recording this little box also provides nearly 300 rhythm tracks to use in your recordings, and they play on a seperate track so you don’t need to use one of the 4 playback channels to incorporate the rhythm track.


But there is more, the BOSS MICRO BR also provides effects including amp modeling, delay, reverb etc.

If thats not enough the unit can also slow down mp3 and wav recordings without changing the pitch, ideal for trying to figure out complicated licks and riffs.


It is really impressive how the BOSS MICROBR packs so much into such a small package.

The only negative comment I would make on the MICRO BR is that the number of features packed into the box and the limited space available for buttons and screen does make using the features quite difficult to learn. There is an extensive and well written manual which you can expect to spend some time working through. Once you have invested the time in getting to grips with the interface then you have an incredibly powerful and flexible recording and practice tool.

There is a trade off in that the portability does affect usability. If the portable aspect is not so important to you and you are thinking about a home recording setup then this may not be the thing for you.

For more info on the MICRO BR including a video demonstration visit Roland UK.

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