Dannecker Blues

As I mentioned in a previous post I am now the proud owner of a  Dannecker Blues Harmonica.

Dannecker Blues Harmonica

Dannecker Blues Harmonica

The first thing that strikes you when you pick it up is the weight.  The comb is made of chrome plated brass and this gives the Dannecker Blues a really substantial feel.  Personally I really like the feel of the extra weight.

The other item that is immediately noticable are the rounded posts.  I must admit that when I read about this feature I had some concern.  I rarely use tongue blocking and I was worried that the “pucker”approach to playing would be harder with the posts being, in effect, thinner.

I was wrong!  I had no problems hitting the single notes and I even find that my tongue blocking feels better.  I am not saying that the tongue blocking is technically any better but it certainly feels more natural.

I will be getting a few more keys as finance permits.

You can listen to samples of the Dannecker Blues from Charlie Musselwhite, Paul Lamb and Simon Hickling at Antony’s site.

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