The Joy’s of on-line shopping

Birthdays are great, especially when you get to pick your own presents.

For me it was a valve amplifier and a Dannecker Blues custom harmonica.

The amp was ordered at a good price that included next day delivery.  Got a phone call telling me the box had arrived so I was looking forward to a weekend messing about with the new amp.

Straight in from work, open the box and……………………………….

No amp just a rather nice 12″ speaker cabinet, so plans are revised, no weekend annoying the neighbours for me.  Hopefully I can get things sorted out on Monday and perhaps have the amp on its way soon.

The consolation is that Antony Dannecker has delivered the new harmonica, so the weekend won’t be a complete loss. I’ll be posting on the Dannecker Blues after I’ve had a few days to get familiar with it.

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