Lawfolds comes to FS19

My all-time favourite map in Farm Simulator is Lawfolds.

It has been a great disappointment it has never been updated for FS 19.

That has changed with the news that CMModz is close to releasing the FS19 version.

DjGoHam Gaming has published a tour of the new map, which appears to have remained true to the FS17 version.


I am looking forward to getting back on the map, this is not a production map but, in my opinion, the best mixed arable and livestock map I have played, while also offering forestry options, useful in generating cash early on in a “Start from Scratch” game.

I can’t say for sure what it is about the map that works so well but some of the highlights for me are:-

  • The topology of the map provides a realistic feel of rolling hills.
  • Main farms are well connected making managing the three farm locations easy to manage.
  • Fields are a variety of shapes and sizes but none overly small or large.
  • The road and track network makes getting around easy and quick

Currently, with Giants for testing, I recommend taking a look when it appears on Modhub.

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