Interesting times in FS19.

To be honest I have never really enjoyed playing fs19.

It has never lived up to being a successor to fs17. The initial release was a shambles and it never really recovered. Seasons rallied things a bit and some relatively new mods such as Autodrive and Guidance Steering (GPS) have been notable but other than that everything else has been pretty uninspiring, I would say Alien Jim’s contributions to maps are a notable exception to this

I have drifted away from the game over the last few months but two recent maps are drawing me back,

In terms of traditional maps, 6 Ashes looks interesting. Based on Google maps, the layout and topology promise to provide a challenging experience.

6 ashes map

6 Ashes map

Reviewed by Farmer Cop here. It would be worth checking out his Autodrive tutorials when you are there.

Production maps are also coming to the fore, most recently the PV County 16x map from Dajnet,  support site

Reviewed by Nick the Hick here

I see me spending more time on FS19.

Hopefully, the successor to FS19 will be more positive than the stumble that was FS19.

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